Our Nursery in Action

This months beautiful weather has meant we have been blessed with natures treasures which has meant 'Autumn' and the changing season has become a real focus throughout the nursery. So many children have been enjoying the outdoors and harvesting these treasures to bring in and show us we have had plenty of conkers, leaves, acorns to make some beautiful provocations to egnite the children's curiosity with. Preschool have enjoyed taking part in some Autumn inspired yoga each morning with Karen and Luke. They have had to stretch like the tall trees and sway like the autumn wind and crouch up small like many autumn animlas. This led to us thinking about diffrent animals we might spot at this time of year and after some wonderful nature walks in our village the children enjoyed creating some clay animals and using animal puppets, story spoons and musical instruments with our books. These are displayed proudly in our entrance hall. We have seen pumpkin painting, scented spiced playdough, leaf rubbing, and baking with blackberries throughout the nursery as well. 

Alongside this we have introduced some beautiful new books to the nursery which the children have loved ' Tree', Pumpkin soup' and 'We are going on a leaf hunt' if you would like to see them Just shout.play-dough

Since September it is amazing to see how far the children have progressed already. Our new children are settling well and getting use to the busy enviroment and all the other children and adults. Thank you to all the parent's who have bought in family photographs the children have loved looking at these and they have provoked some lovely conversations. The whole nursery seems calm and busy as children are deeply focused in their enviroment. The children appear to be really settling now, understanding our routines and expectations and this is increasing their independence skills.