November at The Learning Tree Day Nursery

So November has been another exciting month here at The Learning Tree and it really seems to have flown by! 

Last month In Preschool the children were showing a keen interest in Superheroes! So with this in mind we were able to think about some real life superheroes as we talked about remembrance Sunday. It was the 100th Year memorial this month so it was important that we touched upon this during the children's time at Nursery. We sensitively discussed this with the children and we talked about why we wear Poppies and the significance of them. The children in our main room worked together to make a beautiful wreath for the nursery.

Karen and Luke have continued their phase 1 phonics work with the chidren and have done some lovely work with the children on tuning into sounds. They have noticed this has helped the children's listening and attention skills. 

With our Autum term EYPP (Early Years pupil premium) funding we have been able to extensivly enhance our resources. Especially our multi cultural and diversity small world play. We have some beautiful new dolls, musical instruments and even a Amazon Alexa so the children are now able to access diffrent types of music at any time! They have loved using this so far. We have also managed to use some towards some staff training books which will help children who may be having communication difficulties.

The 2 year olds and babies have been busy doing lots of cooking! They have been making peppermint creams, pizza muffins and much more, Theswe activities are a great way of exploring foods using all our senses.

Despite the cold and wet weather November has bought we have still been freeflowing into the nursery garden as much as possible. The benefits the outdoors brings to our children are huge! The children are more focused, calmer and happier from being in the fresh air and despite what you may think it can help ward of Germs too!. When suitably dressed their is no reason why children can't enjoy playing outside in all weathers. Jennie and Tracy have been amazed by the toddlers ability to get their own coats on and off, we hope some of you have seen them doing ''the flick'' at home too! What a little independant bunch they are. In the meantime we recommend you take a look at this post by ''The Little Forest Folk it's great read. .......

Karen, Danielle and Jennie enjoyed going on some Training by Anna Ephgrave on the Power of Play and Children. This training reinforced the work we do with our 'In The Moment Planning' and the staff found it very inspiring. This thought provoked Danielle with babies and again ensuring they access daily doses of fresh air even in the winter months. It is so important to ensure the babiesare not in 1 room all day and experiance lots of change. 

We are looking forward to December and all the excitement it brings...............